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When you’re looking for a counsellor, you’ll often get asked what’s bringing you for counselling, and why now.

You might be suffering with stress, anxiety, or depression, for example.

Counselling really helps with difficulties like these.

One way that it works is by helping you to gain a new perspective on your struggles.

One thing that lots of people notice is that – whatever brings them to counselling – in most cases there is an underlying thread: difficulties with relationships.

Relationship Issues

Perhaps it is your romantic relationships that are stressing you out.

Maybe it is your relationships with friends and colleagues that seem to be making you anxious.

Or perhaps your relationships with family members feel like they are at the root of your depression.

What do you think? Would making sense of your relationships and working out how you can improve them improve your overall emotional and mental health?

Relationship Issues Specialist

Since I set up Hove Counselling & Therapy, I’ve been busy developing my knowledge and skills in this area, so that I can help you to get on with people better, and ultimately feel better.

I have completed further training in couples counselling and gained my registration as a Gottman Relationship Institute verified clinician, as well as achieving my BACP accreditation and training as a supervisor of other counsellors.

I have focused my ever-voracious reading about counselling and psychology on relationships. (Insert geek emoji here… and ask me for some book recommendations!)

As I have read more books and articles and and completed more training courses on the subjects of marriage, divorce, communication, conflict, couples counselling, transactional analysis, sex and more, I have written more about these topics, which has brought many clients my way who want to…

  • get on better
  • make sense of and move on after a divorce or breakup
  • process painful incidents that have happened between them
  • get better at talking about sex
  • have more sex
  • break relationship patterns that aren’t working for them
  • stop bickering
  • communicate better
  • learn to resolve conflict
  • move on from an affair
  • and lots more…

Relationship issues have become my specialism.

The Prevention and Cure Approach

My approach to counselling for both individuals and couples could be described as a combination of prevention and cure.

Some counsellors focus more on your past, what you’ve been through and the impact it’s had on you. (Healing existing pain.)

Others are more present or future-focused, looking at how you can make changes to feel better in the here and now. (Prevention of future pain.)

When you do both (e.g. make sense of your childhood and create a new self-care plan), you get better quicker, and make more lasting change.

More Than Counselling & Therapy > Relationship Workshops

Too often, relationship therapy is seen as something for couples to “resort to”, only reactively, when things get really bad.

But we can all learn more about how to make the best of our relationships, and the sooner you develop the skills, the better they’ll protect you against things falling apart.

For those of you who are interested in a more proactive approach, I will soon be offering relationship workshops.

These will be positive, practical workshops, to help couples to learn the skills they need to have fantastic relationships.

(In my previous life I worked as a workshop facilitator and trainer.)

If you’re interested in understanding what successful couples do differently, let me know, and I’ll keep you posted.

(The first one’s going to be about preparing your relationship for parenthood.)

Hove Counselling & Therapy > Insight & Connection

With this development, the name Hove Counselling & Therapy wasn’t quite enough any more.

Whether you are…

  • struggling with anxiety or depression
  • looking for a couples counsellor
  • interested in coming to a workshop

…you’re going to be looking to make your relationships the best they can be.

Sometimes it is difficult to know how to achieve that sense of connection that you crave.

You might feel stuck in relationship patterns that aren’t working for you.

Often what you need to make a change is a little insight.

When you see things more clearly, you can do things differently.

So welcome to Insight & Connection. Helping individuals and couples to improve their relationships with themselves, each other, and other people.

Wherever you are on your journey. Whatever you want to change about your relationships. Give me a call or use the online form to get in touch to see how I can help.

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