Relationships After Kids Speaker Catherine Topham Sly

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Relationships After Kids Speaker

I am available for public speaking on a number of topics, including relationships after kids.

My specialism is the transition to parenthood, but I am happy to speak on a range of topics related to relationships and therapy.

In-person events I have spoken at include:

Online, I have spoken for organisations such as:

I have also been featured on a number of podcasts, which are linked below.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are looking for a relationships after kids speaker for your podcast or event.


relationships after kids speaker

The Motherhood Project

Catherine Topham Sly speaks to life and career coach Taylor Pangman about resolving arguments, dealing with disagreements on the biggest topics, and more.

relationships after kids speaker

Honesty Box on The Balance Club

Catherine Topham Sly speaks to broadcaster and presenter Alex Beard about a listener’s revelation: “The pandemic has killed my marriage.”

relationships after kids speaker

The Life Transformer Show

Catherine Topham Sly speaks to health and fitness coach Tara Hammett about communication and life balance for couples who are raising children together.

relationships after kids speaker

Pause Purpose Play

Catherine Topham Sly speaks to clinical psychologist and couples therapist Michaela Thomas about how you can enjoy more intimacy and reconnect sexually after kids.

relationship smart women

Relationship-Smart Women

Catherine Topham Sly speaks to Nicole Mathieson about what happens to your relationship and sex life after you have kids and how to cope with change and stress.

A Mother’s Space

Catherine Topham Sly speaks to Kimberley Barnard about communication, the mental load, being the default parent, sex and intimacy, and more.

notes from the mother box

Notes From The Motherbox

Catherine Topham Sly speaks to Alexis Stickland and Becky Hands about the best ways to look after your relationship once you become parents.

Interviews & Articles

what people say about working with Catherine Topham Sly

Anna Mathur Blog

Catherine Topham Sly shares her top 5 tips for improving communication with your partner, for psychotherapist Anna Mathur.

motherhood sexuality interview

Mama Sex Book

Catherine Topham Sly speaks to Sarah Forbes about motherhood and sexuality.

Catherine answers the Mama Sex Six, including the biggest hurdles mothers are facing, what society at large is getting wrong, and her best sex advice for mothers.


Check out this recording of a zoom session held with Mush.

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