Sex After Kids

back in the sack

Back In The Sack, The Sex After Kids Workbook from Catherine Topham Sly

Sex after kids – let’s face it, it doesn’t always come easily.

Becoming a parent is tough on each of us as individuals and it’s tough on our relationships.

There’s the physical recovery from pregnancy and birth, and the discomfort in our bodies that sometimes comes with it.

There’s the sleep deprivation, the stress of learning to parent, the postnatal hormones.

Most of us feel differently about ourselves, our place in the world, and our partners, as well as the balance of freedom and responsibility in our lives. 

It can feel for a while like there is less of everything to go around: less time, less talk, less sleep, less money, less freedom, less privacy.

And often there seems to be less closeness between us too: less intimacy, less touch, and less sex.

In fact it’s entirely natural for sex to drop down our list of priorities for a while.

Sex After Kids: Getting Back In The Sack

However, sometimes months or even years pass without us finding a way to reconnect physically.

And where we’re not connecting physically, we’re often not fully connecting emotionally either.

Life may have got a little easier, but most of us still feel overworked and overwhelmed at least some of the time (and especially by bedtime).

At this point, sex usually only comes back onto the agenda if we prioritise it.


Learn about the typical blocks and patterns that get in the way of parents enjoying an active sex life, and what you can do about them


Contains over 30 journal prompts to support you to do a deep dive into what you want to change and how you’re going to change it


Includes examples of how to start the conversation about sex, how you feel about it now, and how you can both get more of your needs met

The Back In The Sack Workbook

I’m Catherine Topham Sly, a communication and intimacy specialist BACP accredited counsellor.

I help couples to reconnect after kids and stay close both inside and outside the bedroom.

I’ve written this workbook to support you on your journey back to being lovers again.

It is packed full of information about:

  • The typical pattern that couples fall into that gets in the way of them enjoying physical and emotional intimacy, and how to break it
  • The challenge of going from coparents by day to lovers by night, and how you can overcome it
  • How a mindful approach to sex can get you out of your head and back to feeling pleasure through sex
  • The deeper meaning of the cycle of rejection, and how to break it
  • The importance of considering what “Mum” or “Dad” means to you for reclaiming your sex life
  • How to start a conversation about sex (with lots of examples!)
  • How sex actually happens in long-term relationships

It also includes over 30 journal prompts to help you to work through:

  • The importance of sex for you and your relationship
  • Your blocks to fully and freely enjoying sex with your partner
  • How you can make the switch from being a sensible, dependable parent to a free, passionate lover
  • How your body, how you feel about it, and your bodily sensations might have changed, and what to do about it
  • How you can better understand your partner and feel more connected
  • Asking for what you want and need in order to get in the mood have great sex

Download your workbook for just £16 and get started on your journey back to being lovers again today.