Are You A Therapist?

Are you a self-employed couples counsellor?

Do you believe in the power of mindset and skills coaching, to support couples to have fantastic relationships and live their best lives?

Do you have training in Emotionally-Focused Therapy for couples?

Love Happy Live Free is a relationship mindset and skills training program created by me, Catherine Topham Sly. It combines reframing relationship challenges with personal development and psycho-education in e.g. mindfulness, codependency, the Gottmans’ 4 horsemen, Transactional Analysis, assertiveness, Nonviolent Communication, boundaries, vulnerability as the path to connection and more.

I’m looking for qualified, experienced couples therapists, with training in EFT, who are interested in becoming Insight & Connection accredited therapists.

You’ll be given all the training you need, and regular referrals for couples therapy, in return for a small referral fee.

Please contact me here to find out more.