“Do I need counselling?” It’s a question lots of people ask themselves at one time or another. Maybe you have been through a tough time lately. Or perhaps you just haven’t been feeling great.

There are lots of reasons to try counselling. It has been proven to help people who are dealing with all different kinds of troubles like anxiety and depression. It can also help if you’re not sure quite what’s up with you or why you feel like you do.

Here are seven things you might have been thinking or feeling that could suggest that you would benefit from counselling.

Thoughts and Feelings That Suggest You Might Benefit From Counselling

“I can’t think clearly.”

Are you struggling to concentrate or make sense of things? Does your head feel like it is full of cotton wool? Or maybe it is all clogged up with thoughts and you can’t find a way to slow them down?

“I feel useless.”

How do you feel about yourself and the things you have done lately? Do you feel lost? Unsure what your role is? Are you wondering what difference you do or can make?

“I don’t feel like I’ve been dealing with my problems well.”

Have you been struggling to find solutions to your problems? Making mistakes that you can’t work out how to put right? Have you felt able to cope when things go wrong? Or able to put your problems aside when you need to focus on other things? Have you been blaming yourself for your difficulties?


“I haven’t been feeling close to anyone.”

Are you feeling isolated? Distant from the people you care about? Like you have no friends? Have you felt able to turn to others for support when you need it? Maybe talking to people has felt like too much for you. Or perhaps you haven’t been feeling warmth or affection for anyone at all.

“I’m struggling to make up my mind about things.”

Has making a decision felt like an impossible task? Have you felt overwhelmed and unable to choose?

“I feel pessimistic about the future.”

When you look to the future, how do you feel? Have you felt despairing or hopeless? Have you been lacking in energy, enthusiasm, or hope?

“I can’t relax.”

Do you feel tense? Have you or others noticed that you’re holding yourself tightly or clenching your jaw? Have you been suffering with unexplained aches or pains, particularly back, neck or shoulder pain? Do you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep?

Do I Need Counselling? What to do Next

If you recognised yourself in a number of the statements above, you would most probably benefit from speaking to a professional counsellor.

In counselling you can take the time and space to unravel your thoughts. You can learn how to get in touch with your feelings. And spending 50 minutes a week doing those things can act as a kind of pressure release valve. It can help to quieten the noise in your mind.

Once you feel able to relax a little more, you’ll find yourself able to think more clearly. When you’re in touch with your feelings, you’ll be able to use them to inform your decisions. Then you can work on making choices that work for you. And the more clearly you can see a way forwards, the more likely you are to feel hopeful about your future.

I hope this was helpful. However, if you are still asking yourself “do I need counselling?” maybe the best way to find out would be to try it.

I offer a reduced fee first session so that you can see if I might be the right therapist for you. If you’d like to see how counselling might be able to help you feel better, please get in touch. I see clients in Brighton and Hove and you can call me on 07428 396671.

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