Are you starting to feel like it’s time to get your sex life back on track after having kids?

It’s normal for sex to drop down the agenda when you have a baby, but if it’s been months – maybe even years – you might be starting to worry.

Right now, honestly, is sex something that brings you more stress than pleasure?

Do you want to know how to talk about it without getting into an argument?

Most couples find that sex is an important part of them feeling properly connected. And when you’re having good sex, you’re much more likely to feel the relaxed ease with one another that you enjoyed early in your relationship.


Sex Life Troubles Are Stressful and Upsetting


Worrying about your sex life can be stressful.

With everything else you’re coping with, you might have been trying not to think about it too much.

But then the subject comes up, or your partner goes to make a move on you, and how do you feel then? Often new mums describe a confusing mix of resentment and guilt.

Or maybe you’re the one who’s feeling rejected and frustrated?

Either way, it can be lonely, and worrying.


I Can Help You Get Your Sex Life Back On Track


As a therapist specialising in the transition to parenthood, I help couples to reconnect – and stay close.

I’m a communication and intimacy specialist, with an approach which is always grounded in research.

And I’m a married mother of two, with eighteen years of ups and downs in my own relationship that I’ve learned from too.


Back In The Sack – The Sex After Kids Workbook


Back in the Sack is a 31-page PDF workbook which will support you on your journey back to being lovers again.

You’ll learn about the common blocks and patterns that can make sexual connection feel so out-of-reach once we become parents, and what you can do about them.

You’ll do a deep dive into where you want to be, and what you need in order to get there, guided by over 30 journaling prompts.

Plus you’ll benefit from pages of practical tips on how you can improve communication about sex, and ultimately both get more of your needs met.


Get Your Sex Life Back On Track Today


Click here to read more about the workbook or hit the button if you’re ready to go.

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Don’t Let Your Connection Fade


Sex is just one element of a committed relationship, but for most of us it’s an important one.

When couples let their physical connection wither, sooner or later they start to feel the impact outside the bedroom too.

It’s natural for sex to go down the list of priorities when our babies are tiny.

But sooner or later, they need us to reconnect.

Because what children need to thrive is happy, healthy parents who gain satisfaction from their adult relationships.


Your Sex Life Back On Track – Enjoy Being Lovers Again


I know how much you want to feel better about sex.

You want a future where you feel more relaxed and freer around each other.

Where you know how to ask for what you need to get in the mood, and it happens more often.

Where you give each other a cheeky look over breakfast with the kids, knowing that you are more to each other than “Mum and Dad”.

Download Back In The Sack today and find your way back to being lovers again.

Download Back In The Sack Now