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Couples Counselling

Lots of people find the idea of couples counselling quite scary. This is probably why research has found that couples turn up for relationship therapy on average six years after they would have first benefited from it.

This is sad, because relationships can be tough. And sometimes asking for help from someone outside the relationship, who can see things a bit more clearly, can really make a difference.

I help couples in all kinds of relationships. This includes:

  • new relationships
  • long-term relationships and marriages
  • living together or not
  • gay/straight/queer/LGBTQ or any gender or sexual orientation identity
  • not currently in a relationship (single/dating/struggling to cope with a breakup)

Couples counselling can help with a variety of problems. It could be a large, relationship-threatening problem. Or maybe it’s a smaller niggle that is getting in the way of you enjoying each other as much as you know you could.

Why Couples Counselling?

There are loads of different reasons why people decide to try couples counselling. These are some of the most common ones:

  • communication – how to improve how you talk to each other so you can both get your feelings and needs heard and met; how to stop arguments from escalating
  • arguments and conflict – it’s normal and healthy for couples to have disagreements, but do you find your arguments hard to control, or that they sometimes become violent? A neutral third party can help you take step back and see things more clearly
  • affairs – there’s always more to the story than the act of infidelity. We can work together to understand the real reason it happened, so you can both move on from it
  • trust – making sense of why you find it difficult to trust; putting in clear boundaries; talking about your worries
  • financial issues and work – money and work/life balance are one of the commonest causes of arguments. How we spend our money and time says so much about who we are and who we want to be. Let’s make sense of that for you together
  • kids and parenting – disagreements about how to raise the children are just as common and no less painful
  • feeling unsatisfied/bored/insecure/taken for granted – we can look together at what you both want and need from each other
  • strengthening or improving your relationship – nurturing it to make it more supportive, loving and fun
  • being single/dating/coping with breakups – you can read more about how I work with individuals here. My skills and training in working with couples often inform my work with individuals and vice versa

Adjusting to Life Changes

Over the course of a relationship, life can throw a lot of stuff at you.

You might want some support in coping with or adjusting to a change such as:

  • commitment/marriage/pre-nutial counselling
  • moving in together/dividing chores
  • the birth of a baby
  • feeling like life has changed one or both of you and you don’t know each other any more
  • children leaving home
  • unemployment/under-employment
  • retirement
  • bereavement
  • feeling like you are not as close as you once were
  • sexual changes such as change in one or both of your desire for sex
  • navigating your separation or divorce

Or perhaps your specific difficulty is not listed here. Please don’t let this put you off getting in touch – I know that every relationship is different and comes with its own struggles.

Moving Forwards

When you come for couples counselling, we will work together to help you to understand each other better. From my position outside the relationship, I’ll be able to see things more clearly. Together we’ll look for new ways of thinking and solutions to your problems.

Your relationship may well feel like one of the most private areas of your life so getting professional help with it can feel daunting. It’s important that you both feel that I am someone you can talk to. The best way to see if I am the right counsellor for you would be to come and meet me together.

We’ll have a session where we will consider what has brought you to couples counselling and what would be most helpful for you now.

I believe that nothing is more important in life than the connections we make with other people. Strong relationships are an important part of staying well and feeling good. And they can really help you to cope if you’re experiencing a mental health problem like anxiety or depression.

Relationships can be tough for everyone at times. It might not feel like it right now, but disagreements can actually bring you closer when you have healthy, productive ways of dealing with them.

I would love to help you get there.