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Counselling & Therapy

When you’re thinking about starting counselling, choosing someone to call can be really difficult.

You might be looking for someone to talk to because you’ve been feeling anxious or depressed.

Maybe you’ve been having trouble with your relationships.

Or perhaps for you it’s something harder to define. Maybe you have a feeling that something just isn’t quite right with your life.

Whatever it is, I can help.

Feeling Better

I am a deep believer in the idea that things don’t have to be bad to be made better.

And when things are bad, and they get better, it’s always worth looking at how they can be even better than that!

That’s why my aim with everyone I work with is for them to not just gain relief from their anxiety or depression. It’s not just for them to get on better with the people in their lives.

It’s for them to understand themselves better. To understand their relationships better. To get in touch with how they feel and what they need. To work out what they need to do to live their lives in a way that satisfies them.

What kind of counsellor?

I am a BACP accredited integrative counsellor based in Hove.

I have been working with adults who have come for counselling for a variety of different reasons since 2013. What they have all had in common is a desire to make changes and feel better.

Integrative counselling is a model which combines approaches, so I don’t get hung up on thinking about what’s bothering you in one particular way.

It means I can look at what’s going on with you from a number of different angles. So together we can makes sense of what you’re feeling and work out what you can do to feel better.

It’s a flexible approach. I’m looking to see the world through your eyes. But I’ll share my perspective too.

About Insight & Connection

Insight & Connection is about how you can understand yourself and other people better so that you can have more satisfying relationships, and ultimately feel better.

It’s not about navel-gazing.

We will think about

  • how your early experiences influenced who you are today
  • how you feel and what you are going through right now
  • your fears, hopes, and dreams for the future

If you’ve never had counselling before, it’s normal to be concerned about what it might be like.

You might be wondering if anything will be expected of you. Or maybe you’re unsure what it will be ok for you to talk or ask about.

At Insight & Connection my aim is to demystify the process. We want you to feel able to talk freely about everything, including your therapy. So you’re welcome to ask me questions, and I’m always keen to hear what has and hasn’t been helpful.

You might be worried that going to counselling is self-indulgent. Or maybe you’re wondering what might happen if you spend time talking about yourself.

In fact, most people find that therapy helps them to understand how they’re feeling and what they need. Then they learn to communicate those feelings and needs more effectively.

This, and seeing more clearly the changes they want to make in order to live a more fulfilling life, often has a positive impact on people’s relationships.

Get In Touch

Making the decision to contact a counsellor is rarely easy.

Remember that life is challenging and upsetting for everyone at times.

Sometimes the very best thing you can do is to get some help working out a way forwards.

The process of finding a counsellor can feel overwhelming. But in doing so you are taking a big step towards gaining a better understanding of yourself and living your best life.

It would be a privilege for me to go with you on that journey.