The next Relationship Goals 2.0 on CURIOSITY is coming up this Thursday 1st August!

Relationship Goals 2.0 is a relaxed event in a room above a pub, where parents have fun together while learning about the skills and habits that couples need to be really happy together.

It’s a monthly(ish!) themed event where each topic is designed to build on the last, so don’t miss this next one if you want to:

  • Strengthen your relationship
  • Improve communication
  • Increase affection
  • Enjoy more intimacy
  • Manage disagreements better
  • Be the best parenting team possible

Feedback from the First Event

My aim with this event is to offer something useful, accessible and fun to local parents. 

By that measure it seems the first one was a success!

Here are a few of my favourite comments…

“It was lighthearted and fun, got us chatting. Wasn’t as ‘deep’ as I thought – and that’s a good thing!”

“Good mixture of info and fun.”

“Really enjoyed your openness and enthusiasm.”

“It was so comforting to hear/see others that are going through similar things.”

“Useful information and interesting research findings.”

“Good game to stimulate conversation and discussion/talking points – I learnt a few things I didn’t know!”

Relationship Goals 2.0 on Curiosity

Did you know that Einstein said “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious”?

If Einstein attributed his brilliance to the power of curiosity, imagine what it could do for you and your relationships!

At this event I’m going to tell you all about how being curious about yourselves, each other, and your relationship is a powerful protector agains some of the biggest threats to your happiness as a couple.


  • using curiosity to stay connected as a couple
  • staying curious about each other even when you’ve been together for years
  • harnessing the power of curiosity to improve your communication, and break those negative cycles that lead you into conflict
  • the attachment needs for love and security that must be met before we can make the most of all of this

Then I’ll give you an activity to do with whoever you came with (you can come with a partner or a friend) which is designed to be interesting, fun, and help you to deepen your connection.

And I’ll give you the activity to take home with you to help you continue the conversation with your partner.

Why come along to Relationship Goals 2.0?

Relationship Goals 2.0 is an investment in your relationship which will help you to…

  • Remember why you got together in the first place
  • Celebrate your journey so far
  • Learn how to keep getting to know each other better as life keeps changing you
  • Meet each other with respect, affection and empathy even on the harder days
  • Feel really positive about your relationship

Join us upstairs at The Poets Ale and Smoke House, 33 Montgomery Street, Hove, on Thursday 1st August, 8-9pm. 

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