Love In Lockdown

How are you coping with being in lockdown?

Have you been feeling the pressure of being in lockdown with your partner and kids?⁣

Maybe you’ve been feeling tense, overwhelmed, irritated? ⁣

Meanwhile, perhaps you’ve been having stressful conversations or arguments?⁣

Is this making you worry about how you’re going to get through the next few months?⁣

Or perhaps it’s making you worry about the state of your relationship?⁣

My name is Catherine Topham Sly and I’m a therapist specialising in relationships, and particularly the challenges of staying close while raising a family together.⁣

All couples get stuck in patterns that aren’t serving them well sometimes. But luckily there is loads of research into what you can do to break the patterns that frustrate you both. This way you can create new ones which bring you pleasure, joy and connection.⁣

I usually share the findings from this research in talks I give in a room above a pub.⁣

However, none of us are going to the pub right now. So I have taken this online with my new course Love In Lockdown.⁣

Love In Lockdown – The Online Course

⁣I have cherry-picked the content from my series of talks which will be most useful to support you right now. ⁣

That is to say: it will give you the perspective and skills you need to feel more relaxed and in control of this situation.⁣

The course is made up of a series of short videos, which you can watch on your own or with a partner.⁣

Moreover, there is a PDF to accompany each one. So it includes over 30 prompts to help you to process what you’re going through, and make changes in your relationship.⁣

Click here to sign up for Love In Lockdown now for just £40.⁣

None of us chose this situation, but all of us have a choice about how we face it.⁣

I’m going through this too, and I know exactly how it feels on the worst days: frightening, overwhelming, too much.⁣

The last thing you need right now is to feel disconnected from your partner.⁣

You can turn this crisis into an opportunity: to invest in yourself and your relationship, learn some new skills, and come through this stronger than ever.