Staying Close After Baby

Staying Close After Baby

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The Relationship Workshop For Expectant Parents

Whether you’re thinking about trying to conceive or adopt, or already expecting a baby, this is a very exciting time. You can expect many moments of great joy and connection in your future.

The time when you add another member to your family unit can be wonderful… and it can also present a number of challenges.

If you ask for their honest feedback, most parents will tell you that Baby’s arrival put a bit of a strain on their relationship.

In fact (reviewing the data from his thirteen-year research study with 130 young families) John Gottman found that 67% of the couples had become very unhappy with each other during the first three years after having a baby. Eek!

Babies are quite possibly the best people on the planet. But being completely dependent on you, they create a lot of work. They need constant care, which means you lose some freedom. They need constant feeding, which means you lose a lot of sleep. They make a lot of noise. And working out what they want and how best to take care of them can often be stressful, especially when you disagree.

None of this creates the ideal environment for you to relax and enjoy each other. Never mind to find the mental space to make sense of what it all this change means to you. What it means to be Mum and Dad.

The great news is that you can develop the skills you need to make this transition as comfortable as possible.

You’re probably really busy preparing for baby’s arrival. You might have looked into classes like NCT and hypnobirthing, and spent hours deciding on the perfect pram.

Don’t miss out on preparing the most important thing of all: your relationship.


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